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apex:outputPanel and layout=”none”

If you’re like me, a web developer first and visualforce “expert” second, you might hate the way Salesforce adds spans and crazy string ID’s to everything. It makes the HTML incredibly, well, ugly.

I had fixed this by using layout=”none” on everything possible. It made the HTML very pretty. It also caused a ton of problems when my team tried to add rerenders later.

Some notes on apex:outputPanel and rerendering and layout.

  • If there is no rerendering required, you can use layout=”none”.
  • If you don’t have layout set, it will default to “inline”. What this means is you will have a ton of invalid HTML if you put a
    or an tag inside of your code. So make sure you always set something to keep your HTML valid and pretty.
  • If you have to rerender your panel, make sure that you don’t have anything set to layout=”none” and make sure your HTML validates. Wacky stuff happens if you try to rerender something with invalid HTML or layout=”none”. In other words, always manually write in layout=”block” or layout=”inline”. Don’t trust Visualforce to fix it for you.

best of luck!